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AXS Immobilier

Logo AXSAXS Immobilier actively invests in real estate in central Geneva. It plans to acquire more prime real estate that offer attractive returns on invested capital. When necessary, it refurbishes these objects in order to increase potential rental income and optimize the value of the objects. To this end it will use proven local builders who have shown a high degree of flexibility and quality in the past.

AXS Immobilier has access to exclusive real estate in the old town of Geneva that even in a stagnant general market would offer extremely attractive returns, given its prime locations, its scarcity, and its great resale and rental potential. The current positive market conditions are the icing on the cake that makes such investments even more interesting.

AXS Immobilier maintains a special and most of all proven network of local people and organizations that enable it to identify and purchase exceptional, generally unavailable real estate objects for its investors.

Actively managed properties currently achieve 6% triple net rental returns in these locations before any capital gains which occur since the real estate’s purchase.

AXS Immobilier has recently acquired 22 apartments in 7 locations in central Geneva which can be viewed on Google Map here:

  • Tour de Boel 1
  • Rue Jean Calvin 6
  • Rue Bemont 4
  • Place de la Navigation 8
  • Place de la Navigation 6
  • Rue de Zurich 4
  • Rue Jean-Antoine Gautier 9-11

Other acquisitions are currently being negotiated.

AXS Immobilier

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